Energy Storage Power Management System

Entrust corporate ESG power management to Season Energy Technology

Take control of your electricity management

In recent years, when electricity consumption peaks in the summer, we often have to worry about whether there is a spike in electricity bills or a shortage of electricity.

Now use our energy storage power management system to better monitor, manage and store your electricity. By taking a surplus to compensate for a deficit, such as effectively preserving the excess power generated by solar energy during the day to apply at night, it can effectively increase the utilization rate of green energy to overcome the problem of requiring electricity 24 hours a day.

Energy Storage Power Management System

Our energy storage power management system includes a battery management system (BMS) and uninterruptible power supply system (UPS). It can be connected to generators and renewable energy equipment (such as solar panels, hydroelectric equipment, wind power equipment, etc.) in series. Battery cores are UN38.3 certified for safety and easy to install for expansion and replacement. This system is suitable for commercial offices, factories, and residential buildings.

Your Smart Electricity Steward

Our battery management system (BMS) in the energy storage power management system adopts an active voltage division and balancing architecture. Unlike general BMS systems with a delay of about 0.06 seconds when switching, our BMS system can be switched at will. It will automatically be load balanced without generating potential interruptive differences when it’s in parallel.


Moreover, one BMS system of ours can actively manage and control 10 battery cells. The BMS system keeps track of the differential pressure, voltage, temperature and humidity, and operation of each battery cell and includes a protection mechanism to automatically protect the battery cells from overcharging and over-discharging to achieve greater efficiency and extend the life of the storage device.

High-specification parts to enhance safety

Using the internationally renowned regulation-graded electric vehicle power detector, it can actively detect each battery.

Once the abnormality is detected, it will automatically jump off to protect the device.

More precise power control

Using a Cullen meter to calculate battery capacity is more accurate and solves the problem of inaccurate calculation of LiFe battery cells.

Uninterruptible power supply system for home

The UPS-equipped storage power management system can be upgraded to an uninterruptible power system for companies and homes. It can be directly connected to solar panels at home in series at any time.

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