Stable and continuous power generation to increase overall power generation capacity.

The more sunlight ≠
the higher amount of electricity generated

Solar panels are most effective at 25°C. For every 1°C rise in temperature, the output power decreases by 0.35% as the solar panel voltage becomes smaller, which means that the output power increases when the temperature is lower. Based on the summer temperature in Taiwan, the surface temperature of solar panels is about 45-65°C, which translates to a 7-10.5% reduction in the power generation rate. Therefore, in a state where the sun is getting hotter and hotter, the amount of electricity generated may drop instead of rising.

The culprit that kills the performance of solar panels

With air pollution, salt damage, methane gas, drainage, and exhaust facilities in the local environment, dust and suspended particles in the air fall on the solar panels and accumulate, gradually blocking the absorption of light by the solar wafers over time. In addition to dust, methane, oil pollution, bird droppings, fallen leaves, and other shading materials are easily attached to solar panels, which may lead to a hot spot effect and snail patterns, making the power generation efficiency of solar panels gradually decrease. Moreover, heat accumulation can easily affect power generation efficiency when solar panels are in operation.

Don’t let maintenance costs dent
your wallet.

Currently, solar panel cleaning in the market is mainly based on a robot arm, cleaning robot, and manual cleaning, with manual cleaning being the most popular. In addition to being time-consuming and labor-intensive, the high maintenance and operation cost significantly reduce the benefits of solar power generation.

SolarUp Solar Panel Nano Cleaning and Cooling System

By adding our SolarUp Solar Panel Nano Cleaning and Cooling System to your existing solar panels, it can automatically clean the solar panels with the nano ultra-fine bubble cleaning equipment; and at the same time, it uses active nano ultra-fine bubble spraying equipment to control the temperature at the bottom of the solar panels to maintain high efficiency in power generation. This system ensures the solar panels are clean, overcomes thermal radiation heat accumulation, and guarantees the best working temperature environment for solar panels, etc.

AI Power Manager

Combine with AI power manager to enhance the entire solar panel system.

The whole system consists of solar panels, inverters, servers for analyzing databases,

SolarUp Solar Panel Nano Cleaning and Cooling System, and AI power manager.

AI Power Manager can improve power generation and efficiency of solar panels.

AI power manager accurately tracks the power of solar panels in real-time through AI artificial intelligence prediction algorithms. After that, the maximum voltage and current can be output to the inverter, and the efficiency can be increased by 20-30%.

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Remote fulltime intelligent monitoring

It can keep track of the power generation status of each currently installed solar panel module and view historical power generation information.

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